Auto Loans With No Credit

No Down Payment Auto Loans

Would you like how to write a thesis for a research paper to finance a car with no down payment? Of course you would! With the how to write a personal statement economy still on the rocks, many Americans are reluctant to shell out their hard-earned cash on a down payment. Fortunately, we work with dealerships and auto finance companies all across the country who approve auto loans with no money down. They want to sell cars, and they know that few consumers have hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars to put down. The process is surprisingly simple:

  • You Apply for Financing Online.
  • We Offer SSL Protection of Your Personal Information.
  • Our Advanced Application Placement System Finds You a Lender.
  • We Send You an Email Notification Containing Your Approval Status.
  • Your Lender Contacts You with Details Regarding Your Loan Amount, Location, etc.

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No Down Payment Cars in Your Area

Unless you have stellar credit, the majority of cars you’ll find for sale with no money down will be pre-owned. If you have a credit score of 750 or above, you may qualify for a new car through a dealer incentive. However, only a small handful of Americans can get these deals, and they are seasonal. We work with no money down used car lots who offer these vehicles year-round. They range from late-model luxury cars to high-mileage economy vehicles, depending on your budget.

Your income, credit profile, and location will determine how much vehicle you can afford, as well as your APR rate. Used cars are actually ideal for this type of financing, because new cars depreciate so quickly during the first year of ownership. A down payment is meant to counteract this steep decline in value. However, a pre-owned vehicle has already undergone this initial loss. This makes no down payment car loans for used vehicles less susceptible to negative equity. However, being “upside down” on your loan is still a situation you need to watch out for.

Bad Credit Car Loans, No Down Payment Required

You can get a bad credit auto loan with no money down; however, it is slightly harder to get approved. Fortunately, if you have an income in excess of $1500 per month, we can usually get you financed. But you do need to think about negative equity. As you probably know, this is a situation in which you owe more on your loan than your asset (car) is currently worth. With a no down payment bad credit car loan, your annual percentage rate will be higher than average. That means it’s easier to find yourself “upside down.” The whole reason for putting money down is, after all, to prevent this from happening. Because you will be financing 100% of your vehicle purchase, you won’t have that advantage. Negative equity is not ideal, of course, but it is not that bad as long as you are happy to drive your vehicle until the loan is fully paid off.

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